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Tell Yourself A Story (Newsletter Vol 2 Issue 6)

June 22, 2010

Live A Better Life Newsletter
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Volume 2 Issue 6, June 22, 2010
Tell Yourself A Story

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Tell Yourself A Story
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Tell Yourself A Story

I received an email yesterday from an old acquaintance-friend, Sarah.  It was a letter telling me all about how wonderful her life has been over the past year.  A true adventure, the mythic hero’s journey filled with romance and castles, only without a wicked witch or any evil. 

I confess, as I read her letter, I began to compare my life to hers. And mine was sorely lacking.  I felt like someone kicked me in the gut and said “Hey, loser.  You’re wasting your life away.”  Lucky for me, my very close friend Cathleen quickly intervened.  “Sarah’s life isn’t better than yours or mine, she’s just a great story teller.  I’m sure she has problems like we do, only she just left those out.”

Then I wondered, what if I told the story of my own life over the past year in the same fashion that Sarah told hers?  What would my story be?

So I grabbed a cup of blackberry tea, and sat down with my laptop and started typing.  (more…)