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Get Experience without Starting Over (Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 12)

August 17, 2009

Live A Better Life Newsletter
(Tools and Tips for Intentional Living)

Volume 1 Issue 12, August 17, 2009
Get Experience without Starting Over
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Gear Up for Fall
Get Experience without Starting Over
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Gear Up for Fall

It’s the time of year we start thinking of school days. Fall is just around the corner, and school supplies are on store shelves. And that can lead us to think about our own education and learning, and how that can serve us in our career of choice. It can also trigger anxiety when we think of how much we need to learn, especially if we want to change what we do. This newsletter will help you manage that anxiety with some practical steps to take. (By now, you know I’m all about taking action to get unstuck.) Try some of these ideas to find out what kind of knowledge and experience you really need.

While we’re on the subject of education, I’m excited to offer some new workshops in and around Chicago in September and October (click here for details). I’d love to see you there.