Live Your Dream Life Today – really! (Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 8)

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Volume 1 Issue 8, April 13, 2009
Live Your Dream Life Today (really!)
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Live Your Dream Life Today (really!)
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Spring is a great time to take action, large and small steps, toward your dreams. This issue we are continuing the process of crafting the life you dream of. It’s closer than you imagine. And perhaps to your surprise, you will discover you’ve already begun to make it happen.


Lori Howard
Life, Career, and Business Coach
Your Coach for a Better Life!

Live Your Dream Life Today (really!)

This month we’re talking about how you can use the Ideal Day exercise to discover that you are already on the path to the life of your dreams. You are closer than you think.

Without even thinking about it, odds are you have already taken steps to creating the life of your dreams as they unfold in your Ideal Day. Look around you, and look at your Ideal Day. What elements are in both?

Perhaps in your Ideal Day you live in a beach house by the ocean, and in your current residence you have a picture or painting of a lighthouse on the beach. Or in your Ideal Day, you start your day with a cup of blackberry tea, lightly sweetened with a touch of cream, and “coincidentally” your Saturday morning routine includes a cup of blackberry tea. Do you see it? Already your brain, your mind, has begun to bring it into being.

It doesn’t matter that these may be small items. Perhaps they seem tangential to your bigger dreams. The point is you have begun to create your ideal life on an unconscious or subconscious level.

Now I want you to take conscious action. Do it now. Look for what my friend Jack calls “low-hanging fruit.” The stuff that’s ripe, ready to eat, and within arms reach.

Let’s go back to the dream of living by the ocean, only you live with your family in the Midwest, and there’s no ocean. Ask yourself, what appeals to you most about the ocean? Sights, sounds, smells? You could buy yourself a CD of ocean sounds or decorate a room with shells and pictures of lighthouses. This is what I did. I spent a few years listening to the sounds of the ocean, touching shells I bought at the store, and hanging pictures of scenes that represented what I thought ocean-side living would give me. Today, I live in a condo overlooking Lake Michigan, and I get to listen to the sound of the waves live and in person. I have a real view of a large body of water, which is very satisfying to me.

Perhaps your dream is to be a concert pianist. I recently met a man who began to pursue that dream at age 61. He knows it is never too late pursue big dreams. If this is your dream, what do you imagine that includes? What about this is appealing? Do you play every day? Do you play for family and friends at get-togethers? Have you begun to take lessons? Do you listen to the pieces of music you’d like to play? Do you listen to other pianists perform (live or recorded)? Can you find elements of your dream to incorporate into your daily life now?

The key to achieving any goal, realizing any dream, is consistent, daily action. For now, you are going for the “low-hanging fruit,” the easy actions you can take in the next 24 hours and make a reality. I challenge you to stop right now and pick some low-hanging fruit from your Ideal Day, then take those actions in the next 24 hours. Bring your dreams into your present now.

I’d love to hear from you, post your thoughts below!

Recommended Resources

Struggling with a major transition in your life, self-imposed or otherwise? Check out William Bridges classic book, The Way of Transition. Or if you prefer to listen rather than read, get Follow Your North Star on CD by Martha Beck. You can find both of these on my web site

Ready to use the Ideal Day exercise to launch your life forward? Go to my web site and download my free report: Five Days to Goals That Inspire You (in the section: “A Gift for You”) and you will not only set the goals, you will also create a daily action plan to achieve them!

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