Craft Your Ideal Day (Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 7)

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Craft Your Ideal Day
Volume 1 Issue 7, March 16, 2009

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C’mon Spring!
Craft Your Ideal Day
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C’mon Spring!

Spring is just around the corner. You can feel it, right? The days are getting longer, and temperatures warmer. A time of birth, creation of something new. What better time to look at what you’d like your life to be like? To craft your ideal life. That is the process we’ll begin in this issue.


Lori Howard
Life, Career, and Business Coach
Your Coach for a Better Life!

Craft Your Ideal Day

The first time I did my own Ideal Day exercise was about 15 years ago. I wrote out my Ideal Day, looked at it and thought “That was fun and relaxing,” then proceeded to put it away and forgot about it. Ten years (3 homes and 2 jobs) later, I found the list in a pile of old journals. As I read through the list, I realized that most of the items on my list had come into being. That’s right, over the past ten years I had managed to create in my life many of the major and minor elements of my Ideal Day exercise. And all I could think is, what if I had done more than just give that list a passing glance? What if I had been more intentional about creating the life I want?

According to Paul McKenna PhD (leading hypnotist and Britain’s best selling non-fiction author), in his program “I Can Make You Confident,” the brain likes to give us what we think about. Things have to be framed positively, as the brain seems to ignore words like “not.” If you focus on wanting to work in a job where they treat you well, the brain will seek that out. If you think about how you don’t want a job where they treat you badly, the brain will go “treat you badly – got it” – and that’s what you’ll end up with. This is one reason the children of abusive parents end up with abusive spouses, because they keep thinking “I don’t want to marry an abusive spouse” rather than “I want a loving, caring, respectful spouse.”

Because the Ideal Day exercise is so powerful, it is the first exercise I recommend for figuring out what you want from your life and career. When done right, it taps into the part of you that knows what it wants, and allows you to get clear about exactly what that is. It also allows you to set goals in a way that excites you, inspires you, and even brings you joy! And what better way to go after the things you want than with joy and enthusiasm?

When you do this exercise, be sure to think about what you do want versus what you don’t want. Rather than “My commute has no traffic. I have no arguments with my boss or coworkers.” Think about what you want. “I walk to work, the air is clear, and the streets are quiet.” Or “I drive to work at 7am, and the streets are quiet, and I’m at work in 20 minutes.” And “My boss greets me in the morning and tells me what a great job I did on yesterday’s project. She’s glad she hired me, and offers me a raise and a promotion as a reward for my hard work and accomplishments. My coworkers greet me with a smile, and we immediately solve the next problem of the next project collaboratively.” The first way, the brain will seek out traffic, and arguments, because it will think that is what you want. The second way, it will seek out opportunities to get you what you really want.

So, if you’re looking for clarity about what you really want from life, take some time and do the Ideal Day exercise. Do it repeatedly until you begin to see recurring elements and themes. Next month I’ll talk about how you can use the Ideal Day exercise to discover that you are already on the path to the life of your dreams. You are closer than you think.

I’d love to hear from you, post your thoughts below!

Recommended Resources

I am a huge fan of Paul McKenna. Be sure to check out his tools at his website He’s got books, CDs, and DVDs. If you’re looking for a way to give your confidence a boost, check out his CD set, I Can Make You Confident.

Ready to use the Ideal Day exercise to launch your life forward? Go to my web site and download my free report: Five Days to Goals That Inspire You (in the section: “A Gift for You”) and you will not only set the goals, you will also create a daily action plan to achieve them!

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