What am I doing?

Someone asked me how I manage to have leftovers – so I thought I’d share my strategy – which I have learned from Paul McKenna’s “I Can Make You Thin” program (see www.mckenna.com/). It is so simple, yet so very different for me. I now allow myself to eat whatever I want, whenever I want, as long as I am hungry, and I savor every bite.

This means that I must check in with my body – to find out – am I hungry? If so, what do I want to eat? and then – after each bite, which I taste, and chew, and savor… am I satisfied? or am I still hungry? When I do this – I end up with leftovers often. And that’s OK. I never feel deprived or cheated. And I often find I want – vegetables, healthy proteins (like chicken), fruit… Sometimes I want chocolate – but rarely am I hungry enough for a whole bar…  They is – let my body tell me what I want.  And I am learning to listen. 

I tend to eat when I’m hungry – and also when I’m hurting – emotionally.   So I am learning to only eat when I hunger for food.  And stop when I’m not.  It is definitely a process.  But my kitchen is slowly being filled with foods I love – and I feel – like I’m living in abundance.  And I have leftovers.

Now – I would not recommend you disregard doctor’s orders to follow this plan. I am slowly letting go (all my habits are ingrained) – of all the rules from the food plans I’ve been on (there are so many – all of which claimed to be healthy – yet felt restrictive) – and am really listening to my body. What does it want or need?


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