When Life Gets Hard

I have made this commitment to writing here – in my blog – twice a week.  In the first post of the week – I’ll write about my progress with food and my weight.  In my second post – I’ll write a coaching piece – something to inspire action.  

Well – this has been a challenging week for me.  About midweek I got some news that pulled the rug out from under me, so to speak.  And I’m still reeling.  And I’m wondering – how can I write something inspiring from this place?  I don’t feel – well much of anything even now.  So that is what I’m going to write about.  What do when this happens.

I believe we are all designed for, made to do certain things.  One of the big challenges is figuring out what that is.  The next challenge is once you know – actually doing it.  And what do you do when other circumstances intervene to destabilize you? 

You keep going.  You remember – this is what I am meant to do, this is MY path.  The challenges, the saddening or destabilizing experiences don’t CHANGE that.  So for today – I may feel sad, a bit out of control, but I can still take action toward the things I am built to do.  I know  my goals.  I know what I am working toward.  I know who I am.  None of that is changed – it is just more difficult right now.  But I can take another step, and another step.  I can keep going.  And that will lead me to a place of stability once again.  I can’t control everything, but I can make those choices.  I can take just one more step.


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