I have leftovers

So – I’ve been really focussing on eating when I’m hungry (hungry for food that is) – and stopping when I feel satisfied or full.  You know what?  I have leftovers.  At almost every meal – in the past, I’d have devoured the foods on my plate.  But when I actually check – and know that I’m going to eat whenever I feel hungry again – I end up with leftovers.  Even better – leftovers of food I really enjoy.  And I don’t feel deprived. 

AND – I’m choosing to eat vegetables…another thing I have been forcing myself to do for decades – now I just want some. 

This is all very crazy to me.  And I am refusing to step on a scale or track my weight at this point.  For now, I’m just noticing what happens.  My biggest victory – I have a loaf of bread in my kitchen.  In the past – bread was unsafe in my home.  I would buy it, devour it – at every opportunity.  But now…it sits there.  I bought the loaf days ago – and had toast yesterday.  There’s still bread left.  It feels good to see the loaf – and know it is no longer forbidden.   It looks nice there.  🙂


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One Response to “I have leftovers”

  1. waltzingaustralia Says:

    This is big. I almost never have leftovers. Anything in particular help you turn that corner?

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